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At McNeely Plastics we reinvest for the future.

Our state of the art Multilayer blown film manufacturing offers customers excellent optics and some of the best gauge control in the industry.


We use digital gel scanners on our critical applications to establish specifications that will meet and exceed your requirements.


For converter customers, our gauge control saves time and money on printing and laminating. 

Our global supplier relationships allow McNeely to incorporate the latest in polymer technologies.  


As an Affiliate of Sigma Plastics Group, we have the purchasing power of over 2+ billion lbs of resin annually and access to the latest technologies before they are commercialized.  


With our team of industry professionals, we understand how to make a superior performing product with cost to produce in mind.  


We are Polymer Scientists and Packing Engineers who understand the cost of the solution cannot exceed what the market will bare.  

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