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McNeely Plastics is committed to sustainability in our products as well as our business practices.  

We recognize the need to be proactive in promoting and performing sustainable activities.  We work with our suppliers and customers to achieve economic benefits from responsible packaging and manufacturing. 


We want to contribute to a better and sustainable quality of life for our customers, our employees, and our community. We will always consider actions that minimize our impact on the environment. Every day we take steps in our production process to have the minimum effect on the environment, and support national programs with the same goal.


McNeely's sustainability initiatives include:​

  • Minimization of production energy, water, and air usage

  • Reprocessing/reuse of excess plastic

  • Recycling of production boxes/cardboard

  • Reuse of pallets and other wood products

  • Paper recycled by a commercial service

  • Digitized transactions to reduce paper usage

  • Conversion to an energy efficient truck fleet

  • Environmentally friendly electric forklifts

  • Employee waste reduction via recycling bins for all consumables


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